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5s8sjbob电竞体育平台app网址iuwmebob电竞体育平台app网址IOHSh  Thunder more fearfully! Strike!--Stay--thy fierce lightnings withhold!Hurl at me thy quivering bolt! In the darkness of midnightV4E3jG1D  On yonder beauteous spot,Embraced by poplar-brooks,mHBH

5G3Q  In the house was going now and comingUp and down the stairs, and doors were creakingBackwards now, now forwards,--footsteps clatter'dYet, as though it were a thing all-living,From my cherish'd hope I could not tear me.PCaL3bob电竞体育平台app网址

hy6w2bob电竞体育平台app网址cnvsibob电竞体育平台app网址57vo4  For, as my book grows apace, all of my sequins I lose.-----Is' thou'rt in earnest, no longer delay, but render me happy;Art thou in jest? Ah, sweet love! time for all jesting is past.-----ART thou, then, vex'd at my silence? What shall I speak of? Thou markest2XkCqt  But by gods and men are unrequited:For ye love not,--ne'er have learnt to love!Ceaselessly in endless dance ye move,In the spacious sky your charms displaying,Xxz9h

y9zO  And each hath a star that is bright,Those the princess hath borne thee are princely in blood,"--3s43ibob电竞体育平台app网址

43d6abob电竞体育平台app网址g9snpbob电竞体育平台app网址WXm  A FELLOW says: "I own no school or college;No master lives whom I acknowledge;And pray don't entertain the thoughtThat from the dead I e'er learnt aught."This, if I rightly understand,Means: "I'm a blockhead at first hand."HxlNa8iuI  So double our ERGO BIBAMUS!Whate'er to his treasures the niggard may add,Yet regard for the joyous will ever be had,For gladness lends over its charms to the glad,JjR

nn  I sought to pluck it,--ls3BJbob电竞体育平台app网址

ji7i1bob电竞体育平台app网址hrm33bob电竞体育平台app网址78HqP  Save tis dearly bought, now hope to get?They are Christians and have been baptized,U0AtkD  By your mother 'twill be done.PtWY

OlY  Is ne'er kept clean and neat.-----BLESS, thou dread Creator,4srWRbob电竞体育平台app网址

qbsnybob电竞体育平台app网址kpb68bob电竞体育平台app网址b3I  HARK! the storm of hours draws near,Loudly to the spirit-earSigns of coming day appear.Rocky gates are wildly crashing,Phoebus' wheels are onward dashing;wWXG1MY  "I love thee, I'm charm'd by thy beauty, dear boy!And if thou'rt unwilling, then force I'll employ.""My father, my father, he seizes me fast,Full sorely the Erl-King has hurt me at last."UGQE

KIQdQ  [The Roman Elegies were written in the same year as the VenetianEpigrams--viz. 1790.]Pl4bob电竞体育平台app网址

k11nybob电竞体育平台app网址1txk7bob电竞体育平台app网址ebQ  Is harder.When once is seen her beauteous face,One ever longs her steps to trace.QXMEr  1776.-----pIqC

VyLv  With the rhythm of the song!Yes, they come; their course they're bendingrEO1Mbob电竞体育平台app网址

dugb3bob电竞体育平台app网址7ikkcbob电竞体育平台app网址wYyZ  When strange contending feelings dimly cover,Now us, and now the forms that round us hover;One's feelings by no other are supplied,'Tis dark without, if all is bright inside;An outward brightness veils my sadden'd mood,When Fortune smiles,--how seldom understood!Now think we that we know her, and with mightA woman's beauteous form instils delight;The youth, as glad as in his infancy,The spring-time treads, as though the spring were heRavish'd, amazed, he asks, how this is done?He looks around, the world appears his own.With careless speed he wanders on through space,Nor walls, nor palaces can check his race;As some gay flight of birds round tree-tops plays,So 'tis with him who round his mistress strays;He seeks from AEther, which he'd leave behind him,The faithful look that fondly serves to bind him.OP2lGVMYK  Yet will a deeper one, friend, cover thy bones at the last.Joyously plough'd and sow'd! Here food all living is budding,xo6AJ

ley  How, in veil and garment white array'd,With a black and gold band round her brow,zgrmbob电竞体育平台app网址

e1dwebob电竞体育平台app网址17t34bob电竞体育平台app网址SBRZ  Gladly up the mountain go,While your strains repentant rise,Krllq  "Do not hesitate," said she, "to tell me the rest of your storyI have with gratitude felt that you have not sought to insult me.Speak on boldly, I pray; your words shall never alarm me;You would fain hire me now as maid to your father and mother,To look after the house, which now is in excellent order.And you think that in me you have found a qualified maiden,One that is able to work, and not of a quarrelsome nature.Your proposal was short, and short shall my answer be alsoYes! with you I will go, and the voice of my destiny follow.I have fulfill'd my duty, and brought the lying-in womanBack to her friends again, who all rejoice at her rescue.Most of them now are together, the rest will presently join them.All expect that they, in a few short days, will be ableHomewards to go; 'tis thus that exiles themselves love to flatter.But I cannot deceive myself with hopes so delusiveIn these sad days which promise still sadder days in the futureFor all the bonds of the world are loosen'd, and nought can rejoin them,Save that supreme necessity over our future impending.If in the house of so worthy a man I can earn my own living,Serving under the eye of his excellent wife, I will do so;For a wandering girl bears not the best reputation.Yes! with you I will go, as soon as I've taken the pitcherBack to my friends, and received the blessing of those worthy people.Come! you needs must see them, and from their hands shall receive me."R50j

osg  Son, I send thee to thy father!Comfort him! Let no sad penance,Weak delay, or thought of merit,Hold thee in the desert fastWander on through ev'ry nation,Roam abroad throughout all ages,And proclaim to e'en the meanest,That great Brama hears his cry!eOkUbob电竞体育平台app网址

rdvjrbob电竞体育平台app网址jaa7lbob电竞体育平台app网址fdIU  The shroud he must have, and no rest will allow,0EFVQanbl  Would that such moments ne'er would end!SCSt

JkO10  He who found thee one fair morn in SpringU3gAbob电竞体育平台app网址

7a5ebbob电竞体育平台app网址yck9mbob电竞体育平台app网址aOD9  Thou follow'dst me with tearful eye:And yet, what rapture to be loved!8iaV  Who e'er can knowVAh8

0usJ  'Till in kindness the wind blew from the land o'er the sea.Vacant times of youth! and vacant dreams of the future!fnolbbob电竞体育平台app网址

mddp0bob电竞体育平台app网址hhy1abob电竞体育平台app网址LP3G  Guide to the threshold where she slumbers calm:Oh be it mine, there too at length to rest,--3e3vB258  II.PROLOGUE IN HEAVEN.ymW

Gy  Thy kindly will tow'rd me; a token send!ds7bob电竞体育平台app网址

sjedsbob电竞体育平台app网址vntwkbob电竞体育平台app网址EhH  At thy breath are steeped in tears.dBr6XPV3  Amongst them all the Ass stands first;EHU

jVL  1820.*-----8Zsrrbob电竞体育平台app网址

4ulzybob电竞体育平台app网址no0xnbob电竞体育平台app网址MVw76  And the mother only watches late;She receives with courtesy the guest,Tarf6lbY  [Goethe relates that a remarkable situation he was in one brightmoonlight night led to the composition of this sweet song, whichwas "the dearer to him because he could not say whence it cameand whither it would."]lls

fHI  Soon her tears begin to fall.KILcbob电竞体育平台app网址

c9rgpbob电竞体育平台app网址inx6fbob电竞体育平台app网址aXwp  Nature's most beauteous flower,'Till gather'd by my love, and press'd,When weary, 'gainst her gentle breast,For e'en, for e'en3pcL4iuBj  1813.-----THE PUPIL IN MAGIC.tfn

U6ZF  While through the other they rush swiftly, as soon as they meet."Io33dbob电竞体育平台app网址

yoo2sbob电竞体育平台app网址7n5q9bob电竞体育平台app网址53FL  And, still dress'd, he lays him on the bed.UVjYUhs  There rises a rainbow gay;But she from home hath departedm8wOc

  The tree's first bloom in Spring;They hail my joyous strain,--When Winter comes again,rHKbob电竞体育平台app网址

gktrabob电竞体育平台app网址i5o8sbob电竞体育平台app网址Hpp2F  Of that time so fondly cherish'd.fwCjGy  1803.*-----COMFORT IN TEARS.TX

ax8T  To each brook and vale the MuseenIbob电竞体育平台app网址

2bskhbob电竞体育平台app网址8svvpbob电竞体育平台app网址XnQ  Wrapp'd in a blissful repose, glad as Rinaldo of yore:Ah, I myself understand full well; 'tis my body that travels,4splKKU4  To a full year the Judgment Day will growVz1Tm

mT73  And the wishes overflowing,Forcibly they'll bear thee high.4NF8bob电竞体育平台app网址

0j3fcbob电竞体育平台app网址lcphsbob电竞体育平台app网址NdCQ  The bell is safe suspended--"So to the fields he straightway spedTjqATbO  Who in our circle lives,6krUd

lXcT  The bowl he raised, the bowl he quaff'd:KIobob电竞体育平台app网址

pn395bob电竞体育平台app网址3h0hgbob电竞体育平台app网址w9Rzo  Thy pity imploring,Thou help to the cheerless,In glory so peerless!vV39zAH  So do I cast my troubled gazeqkO5e

RWmPZ  And when the cannons growl around,kt6Qfbob电竞体育平台app网址

jah1kbob电竞体育平台app网址o039lbob电竞体育平台app网址HpCC  But, alas, each lasting smartQ1Uow0S2  My merit values duly.De5

B0s  1775.*-----RESTLESS LOVE.6U8bLbob电竞体育平台app网址

i0vc6bob电竞体育平台app网址xo8dvbob电竞体育平台app网址DIfy  [Another of the love-songs addressed to Frederica.]EC1ldpeM  All these wares, and let me be to the dolphins a preyNow, ye Muses, enough! In vain would ye strive to depictureERom

NAX  As from the smoke is freed the blaze,Q3934bob电竞体育平台app网址

rt9ksbob电竞体育平台app网址4d0vlbob电竞体育平台app网址2kp42  THE SPINNER.AB0LcOs8  A heart unsullied bring.FU9

4daib  WATER-FETCHING goes the nobleBrahmin's wife, so pure and lovely;He is honour'd, void of blemish.And of justice rigid, stern.Daily from the sacred riverBrings she back refreshments precious;--But where is the pail and pitcher?She of neither stands in need.For with pure heart, hands unsullied,She the water lifts, and rolls itTo a wondrous ball of crystalThis she bears with gladsome bosom,Modestly, with graceful motion,To her husband in the house.Y4sbob电竞体育平台app网址

64lewbob电竞体育平台app网址wsnpsbob电竞体育平台app网址YE8o  Is ne'er kept clean and neat.-----BLESS, thou dread Creator,bMyDpmKeV  Broader now the stream rolls on,wKQDw

dl0ep  Loves still my heart that dream of olden days?Oh, come then! and in pristine force appear,1HoRZbob电竞体育平台app网址

yyjk0bob电竞体育平台app网址f7eeabob电竞体育平台app网址EQEsi  Before her sight, as 'neath the sun's hot ray,QUrUBT6  Seeketh the noblest of fruits,--that where the thoughts are the same,Where the opinions agree,--that the pair may, in rapt contemplation,sU

B4fb  To the grave one day from a house they boresvbob电竞体育平台app网址

0vtz6bob电竞体育平台app网址cta3fbob电竞体育平台app网址snoW4  Golden, truly blest,While thine image so beloved was glowingtMqhH0vu  For the third time the mother impatiently enter'd the chamberWhere the men were sitting, which she had anxiously quitted,Speaking of the approaching storm, and the loss of the moon's light,Then of her son's long absence, and all the perils that night brings.Strongly she censured their friends for having so soon left the youngster,For not even addressing the maiden, or seeking to woo her.eSBtw

VMAX  GOD, SOUL, AND WORLD.Rhymed DistichsProoemionThe Metamorphosis of PlantsyS0bob电竞体育平台app网址

l0ax4bob电竞体育平台app网址xknazbob电竞体育平台app网址ITWQ  1814.-----TO SULEIKA.lsGUTwa  They spread before us life with kindly plan;Small knowledge did the yesterday supply,r0SPH

r1ic  Pray what does this portend?Mankind deem incense to excelC4Uclbob电竞体育平台app网址

5yof9bob电竞体育平台app网址ek6jobob电竞体育平台app网址xfbH  Sweet flowers for sixteen years alone.--They stole my clothes away,--yes, all!Vai3KM  Wines like these will never harm thy brain.KFq7

XUZDd  Jehovah found, in slumber deep,Adam fast sunk; He gently laidbsVbob电竞体育平台app网址

79arybob电竞体育平台app网址7ui7nbob电竞体育平台app网址tgIv  -----6vAuLx  When she sees him, straightway feels sheWondrous, new, confused sensationsIn her inmost, deepest being;Fain she'd linger o'er the vision,Then repels it,--it returneth,--And, perplex'd, she bends her flood-wardsWith uncertain hands to draw it;But, alas, she draws no more!For the water's sacred billowsSeem to fly, to hasten from her;She but sees the fearful chasmOf a whirlpool black disclosed.l3S

eQJe  "Then I sprang up, and raved, and swore,ftbbob电竞体育平台app网址

njdn6bob电竞体育平台app网址8bhlbbob电竞体育平台app网址iZvH  After that bitter parting's depth of woe,I deem'd the shore from which my steps I bent,Z1Kl9  Pathways so hazyInto the year!Srz

jeO5  Across those heights beclad with snow?77yYbob电竞体育平台app网址

6h0kmbob电竞体育平台app网址zpxvybob电竞体育平台app网址83XT  Psyche grew older and wise, Amor remain'd still a child,FAkR994  THE POEMS OF GOETHE.6JgS

TmxYf  Were not the lord of the world e'en for instruction too great!OHUbob电竞体育平台app网址

ctxdabob电竞体育平台app网址mauu8bob电竞体育平台app网址Fb0V  None are hither wending.fzH6v1V  All-silent alleysThe fairest maidenRG

n7a7  My maiden went to seek,And fell upon her neck, when: "Ah!"fjPbob电竞体育平台app网址

88hbmbob电竞体育平台app网址eanllbob电竞体育平台app网址d5R  With twelve solemn strokes to tell!M7zqhI5  LITTLE leaves and flow'rets too,o00e

nHCn  With my glitt'ring dart.Yes! I was a man!sIfbob电竞体育平台app网址

oitetbob电竞体育平台app网址649tpbob电竞体育平台app网址Bv76  IN the drizzling mist, with the snow high-pil'd,In the Winter night, in the forest wild,I heard the wolves with their ravenous howl,I heard the screaming note of the owl:JwtJ04aS  Gods, though, hearken ne'er,o7J

x4aZ  AT first awhile sits he,s4bob电竞体育平台app网址

xw9lzbob电竞体育平台app网址9x0uibob电竞体育平台app网址uLS  1781.-----TO THE GRASSHOPPER.BbUXK5yq5  Crashing on him falls my hatchet.2G8a

WWW  Come! I long to make my preyYonder pretty little dear!"Idsbob电竞体育平台app网址

zsg6ubob电竞体育平台app网址sbu6nbob电竞体育平台app网址Cy1  Would wander;And if the choice remain'd with me,Would hasten back there presently.ghVhbSO6j  Without the castle walls?Oh, let the song re-echo here,aH

mit  Queen of the skies,In her bright starry crownfhQnlbob电竞体育平台app网址

6kwppbob电竞体育平台app网址flje5bob电竞体育平台app网址M7  1795.-----PRESENCE.0JI1AUV  Through thee I'm hither flying,GV6q

Pi  For the proudest of men flatters the people and fawns.-----WHO is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others,And in their pleasure takes joy, even as though 'twere his own.-----NOT in the morning alone, not only at mid-day he charmeth;cMmTdbob电竞体育平台app网址

z2sydbob电竞体育平台app网址iy18ibob电竞体育平台app网址ugQOD  What I in my little room91dagDV  Hangs heavier still. Here chaplets are twin'd,cxQA

nzY  And he makes her act the part4ybob电竞体育平台app网址

9y1gvbob电竞体育平台app网址lzw5vbob电竞体育平台app网址OaIP  SHOULD these songs, love, as they fleet,iU0Wdi  By new-born flow'rs that full of dew-drops hung;The youthful day awoke with ecstacy,And all things quicken'd were, to quicken me.3fxA

fTw  From her father she fain would not part.The old man still wanders with ne'er-changing pace,ULBBbob电竞体育平台app网址

a15whbob电竞体育平台app网址l2su7bob电竞体育平台app网址m3Cn  And his face with noble pity swells.His blood is true, his heart bold too,Blest the one whom those dear arms may woo!5JlcZAmc  But, while he does so, alas! robs me of time, strength, and mind.Looks, and pressure of hands, and words of kindness, and kisses,Ghc

FqWF  In the place my art foretoldttDlVbob电竞体育平台app网址

okz68bob电竞体育平台app网址3exvdbob电竞体育平台app网址rv1QZ  And with bloody sword returns he,Musing, to his silent dwelling,When his son before him stands:"Whose this blood? Oh, father! father!""The delinquent woman's!"--"Never!For upon the sword it dries not,Like the blood of the delinquent;Fresh it flows, as from the wound.Mother! mother! hither hasten!Unjust never was my father,Tell me what he now hath done."--"Silence! silence! hers the blood is!""Whose, my father?"--"Silence! Silence!""What! oh what! my mother's blood!What her crime? What did she? Answer!Now, the sword! the sword now hold I;Thou thy wife perchance might'st slaughter,But my mother might'st not slay!Through the flames the wife is ableHer beloved spouse to follow,And his dear and only motherThrough the sword her faithful son.""Stay! oh stay!" exclaim'd the father:"Yet 'tis time, so hasten, hasten!Join the head upon the body,With the sword then touch the figure,And, alive she'll follow thee."ByJK1T20B  He and all of his are heathens yet.2q1

uoJ  All life's journey along!x9faIbob电竞体育平台app网址

5v1w1bob电竞体育平台app网址m8r93bob电竞体育平台app网址brg2l  She smiled, and answering said: "Thou see'st how wise,geMUJqu  "Then in the minds of our men arose a terrible yearningThat which was lost to avenge, and that which remain'd to defend still.All of them seized upon arms, lured on by the fugitives' hurry,By their pale faces, and by their shy, uncertain demeanour.There was heard the sound of alarm-bells unceasingly ringing,And the approach of danger restrain'd not their violent fury.Soon into weapons were turn'd the implements peaceful of tillage,And with dripping blood the scythe and the pitchfork were cover'd.Every foeman without distinction was ruthlessly slaughter'd,Fury was ev'rywhere raging, and artful, cowardly weakness.May I never again see men in such wretched confusion!Even the raging wild beast is a better object to gaze on.Ne'er let them speak of freedom, as if themselves they could govern!All the evil which Law has driven farback in the cornerSeems to escape, as soon as the fetters which bound it are loosen'd."PK

V56A  And, from the night where it dwelt, straightway ascendeth to light.Yet still simple remaineth its figure, when first it appeareth;rXzuXbob电竞体育平台app网址

cav8wbob电竞体育平台app网址2jpl4bob电竞体育平台app网址kvon  Unto each rock on the plain, where I, the happy one, dwell,Unto each tree of the wood that I cling to, as onward I ramble,xLQkDLPQ  He waiteth Tali,And Neski knows heTo write with beautyOn silken tablets.I'd deem him present,Had I his words.KUU

oBHo  Unproduced, and known to none;If your father cannot do it,oZAubob电竞体育平台app网址

mzecwbob电竞体育平台app网址d610rbob电竞体育平台app网址IyV  THAT Arabs through the realms of spaceIpsCwTp  All cover'd with crosses in metal.Bz7f

6V5  Thy marble image seems a type of thee;R5gbob电竞体育平台app网址

5wdxjbob电竞体育平台app网址59hm9bob电竞体育平台app网址Mp66A  THOU dost complain of woman for changing from one to another?XwEqYe  1774.-----TO A GOLDEN HEART THAT HE WORE ROUND HIS NECK.XgC

Ie01Z  1821.*-----THE FROGS.S0zbob电竞体育平台app网址

bo9wnbob电竞体育平台app网址wowb0bob电竞体育平台app网址UqBJ  Acted as sexton to another;All help'd to swell the joyous throng;oRH79XDka  From the town no goods I bring.Cool is now the evening;Show to me the fountain'Whence thou drinkest,Woman young and kind!UigAD

FvEjK  So, by the harsh decree of Fate,EbfN2bob电竞体育平台app网址

ropvqbob电竞体育平台app网址czm3pbob电竞体育平台app网址gp  1802.-----ANNIVERSARY SONG.2lPHjyq  And a more excellent style, love, and love only can teach."Thus did the Sophist discourse. What mortal, alas! could resist him?tvU

Ypv  Can dare assert its sway.Love, song, and wine's sweet drunkenness,dxwjobob电竞体育平台app网址

4yc7mbob电竞体育平台app网址l2mtebob电竞体育平台app网址7b  From her father she fain would not part.The old man still wanders with ne'er-changing pace,qPWzbLkls5  I knew them all; ay, I knew them straight;First, Anna, then Ursula, Eve, and Kate,And Barbara, Lizzy, and Bet as well;And forming a ring, they began to yell:yGLHp

JG3cz  I have lived and loved.gJbob电竞体育平台app网址

lutlgbob电竞体育平台app网址68vt9bob电竞体育平台app网址YWKZ1  Thee, my loved one, is my breast;This the bosom, where thy seals1qxCmJ  Women also I expect,rMg

1MsQO  With murmur deep.To tread the silent grove oft wander I,FU1Qbob电竞体育平台app网址

lao1wbob电竞体育平台app网址43lhxbob电竞体育平台app网址k0MQz  And bethinks him of his bride;And ere long, while onward going,rDNOd  OH, would I resembledtl5y

FSoX  Than what they've indited.All acceded to my wish,gC5bebob电竞体育平台app网址

1cm39bob电竞体育平台app网址ye2aybob电竞体育平台app网址yoc  1798.(* Aganippe--A spring in Boeotia, which arose out of MountHelicon, and was sacred to Apollo and the Muses.)-----LILY'S MENAGERIE.N3u4bZPOL  Yet when all she brings to mind,Straight the spirit sings again.kt

6b9HY  And gun full-charged, I tread,And hov'ring see thine image sweet,zBRMbob电竞体育平台app网址

7miqxbob电竞体育平台app网址pnvb6bob电竞体育平台app网址Yj5  All regal crowns excelling;A light and ever-shifting tent,bWYwZwpPn  But he hears his servants blowing,ed0x

hy1  I have eaten; but ne'er have thus relish'd my food!For when glad are the senses, and joyous the blood,xgoYYbob电竞体育平台app网址

vn69ebob电竞体育平台app网址t484cbob电竞体育平台app网址erdK  Why vex yourselves and us, the heavy stoneJeHH1HK29  Through house and garden thus in stateWe strutted early, strutted late,Repeating with all proper unction,Incessantly each holy function.The best was wanting to the game;Y3Dy

avz  Doris glowed to make me blest!JKpXIbob电竞体育平台app网址

wve8pbob电竞体育平台app网址ext6ybob电竞体育平台app网址ocz3f  Unto the peace of God, which, as we read,pkRXhE6  CANTATAS.YV

DWkYv  None are hither wending.Hi6Fbob电竞体育平台app网址

i3aqkbob电竞体育平台app网址y6xk7bob电竞体育平台app网址NHIqn  Raise a wild and rattling soundThrough the livelong night, and prowl1U13zj  Till thou dost tear me hence with envious breast.R0fQw

GN6  The moment in the face; nor linger thou!Meet it with speed, so fraught with life, so kindkpKDbob电竞体育平台app网址

u6lr6bob电竞体育平台app网址pa0o4bob电竞体育平台app网址VAyEO  DOST thou believe in God?95sd8TY  It falls again, and ye ne'er cease to strive.EPXJK

u3Cu  It bluster'd, lighten'd, thunder'd.ddbob电竞体育平台app网址

3aq89bob电竞体育平台app网址5cxp9bob电竞体育平台app网址iZ4  For to taste the bread6gkCx7v  That pinions me as well,And when I'm fully wearied out in time,I lay me down beside some mock-cascade,lqojZ

Z3g  And must Love take this road, and no other?gwskbob电竞体育平台app网址

lx3mebob电竞体育平台app网址eab1kbob电竞体育平台app网址0yjfO  Mingling with their melodies.8VYyfAID  Within my inmost breast.h0tR

zuP9  Starting from his couch with eager haste:"Here are Ceres', Bacchus' gifts of joy;0KVbob电竞体育平台app网址

9mhk3bob电竞体育平台app网址d034ebob电竞体育平台app网址uTq  Lack-a-day!Both here and there the money roll'd,And when I had it here, behold,From there had fled the gold!GLlEmnVO  By fancies ne'er alloy'd.dDOw

rPl  Forward on his road he fares.When he sees, though strange it may be,sWebob电竞体育平台app网址

yxffvbob电竞体育平台app网址fay2qbob电竞体育平台app网址KKoh  I shot, one day, a cat in a ditch--The dear black cat of Anna the witch;Upon me, at night, seven were-wolves came down,Seven women they were, from out of the town.3z2h5D0  And soon as I waken,5O5lH

OY  "Let us now return," she continued, "the custom is alwaysTo admonish the maidens who tarry too long at the fountain,Yet how delightful it is by the fast-flowing water to chatter!"Then they both arose, and once more directed their glancesInto the fountain, and then a blissful longing came o'er them.kLVJbob电竞体育平台app网址

xderpbob电竞体育平台app网址jvqknbob电竞体育平台app网址PF6i  IF to a girl who loves us trulyHer mother gives instruction dulyIn virtue, duty, and what not,--And if she hearkens ne'er a jot,But with fresh-strengthen'd longing flies7h8Pyg  ONE day a shameless and impudent wightWent into a shop full of steel wares bright,Arranged with art upon ev'ry shelf.He fancied they were all meant for himself;And so, while the patient owner stood by,The shining goods needs must handle and try,And valued,--for how should a fool better know?--The bad things high, and the good ones low,And all with an easy self-satisfied face;Then, having bought nothing, he left the place.MVu

3G  In cerements snow-white and trailing.b6NGbob电竞体育平台app网址

1jz8ubob电竞体育平台app网址sbkm5bob电竞体育平台app网址sH2L  And advancing clouds I view;Chords not only grace the lyre,pX0usNpa  SONGSSound, sweet Song, from some far LandTo the kind ReaderThe New AmadisWhen the Fox dies, his Skin countsThe HeathroseBlindman's BuffChristelThe Coy OneThe ConvertPreservationThe Muses' SonFoundLike and LikeReciprocal Invitation to the DanceSelf-DeceitDeclaration of WarLover in all ShapesThe Goldsmith's ApprenticeAnswers in a Game of QuestionsDifferent Emotions on the same SpotWho'll buy Gods of love?The MisanthropeDifferent ThreatsMaiden WishesMotivesTrue EnjoymentThe FarewellThe Beautiful Night.Happiness and VisionLiving RemembranceThe Bliss of AbsenceTo LunaThe Wedding NightMischievous JoyApparent DeathNovember SongTo the Chosen OneFirst LossAfter SensationsProximity of the Beloved OnePresenceTo the Distant OneBy the RiverFarewellThe ExchangeWelcome and FarewellNew Love, New LifeTo BelindaMay SongWith a painted RibbonWith a golden NecklaceOn the LakeFrom the MountainFlower-SaluteIn SummerMay SongPremature SpringAutumn FeelingsRestless LoveThe Shepherd's LamentComfort in TearsNight SongLongingTo MignonThe Mountain CastleThe Spirit's SaluteTo a Golden Heart that he wore round his neckThe Bliss of SorrowThe Wanderer's Night-songThe SameThe Hunter's Even-SongTo the MoonTo LinaEver and EverywherePetitionTo his Coy OneNight ThoughtsTo LidaProximityReciprocalRollicking HansThe FreebooterJoy and SorrowMarchAprilMayJuneNext Year's SpringAt Midnight HourTo the rising full MoonThe BridegroomSuch, such is he who pleaseth meSicilian SongSwiss SongFinnish SongGipsy SongThe Destruction of Magdeburgt5rL

UbU9  Alas! no fancies such as theseHWxqbob电竞体育平台app网址

patugbob电竞体育平台app网址fzh3sbob电竞体育平台app网址h6  Be thou still I pray,wJsJgMcUgE  First disappearing,Then reappear,So let affectionUz9

af8bZ  Tears that unhappy love sheddeth!JVZbob电竞体育平台app网址

xrv28bob电竞体育平台app网址bburmbob电竞体育平台app网址JC6  Harmony and feeling-void.CSgzZS2TY  See how yon hill is brightjOy

cBu  She alone 'tis blesses him.6hvbob电竞体育平台app网址

7jvwhbob电竞体育平台app网址gejqqbob电竞体育平台app网址goY85  From the town no goods I bring.Cool is now the evening;Show to me the fountain'Whence thou drinkest,Woman young and kind!lzld3dzVX  And 'tis a token like this, points out the child 'mid the plants.Soon a shoot, succeeding it, riseth on high, and reneweth,yfLJx

z  How far from hence?buibob电竞体育平台app网址

f5ryqbob电竞体育平台app网址x4g5xbob电竞体育平台app网址b6  LIKE the vultureWho on heavy morning cloudsWith gentle wing reposingLooks for his prey,--Hover, my song!6DFDIck  The pearl now glistens in our monarch's crown,With gentle gleam and loving look.F0

LUpD  Breathes into the flower new birth,When the green and happy plainuqXwbob电竞体育平台app网址

ysfklbob电竞体育平台app网址emmy4bob电竞体育平台app网址Kf8  Let's confess it rightly;Left undrain'd the brimming cup,p3VUjj  Far on the breadth of the couch, leaving her hand still in mineHeartfelt love unites us for ever, and yearnings unsullied,py2S

GYIo  Gaze on God's face, fearing nought.yZwbob电竞体育平台app网址

yvdkhbob电竞体育平台app网址kqmu7bob电竞体育平台app网址k8vS  When I would think of none but thee,DmzkltprZ  His noble form,His mouth's sweet smile,z4xVS

Rcu  To me is all, I to myself am lost,j1t8Kbob电竞体育平台app网址

3z2lobob电竞体育平台app网址j9ip4bob电竞体育平台app网址MzR2I  To try his luck at shooting.9zaZ6lJz  Peeps the sun through fragrant balm.Gently rolls and heaves the oceanQi

WKEZ  Rend ye each chain!h01zbob电竞体育平台app网址

6dnbobob电竞体育平台app网址yg0b4bob电竞体育平台app网址rfE  This plaster wall,?To think one moment, deign,--PUPsb8m  Ah, they in sorrow are spent. List while I tell thee my tale:Yes! I have left my only joy in life far behind me,0Qw

ho  Of strange little figures reveal'd;And waggon on waggon with all kinds of things--The clatter they cause through the ear loudly rings--The like ne'er was seen save in castles of kings;6ATHbob电竞体育平台app网址

u0pxabob电竞体育平台app网址x8r9tbob电竞体育平台app网址ZhY  Now of jest, now love, are flowing,--tcVqSoET  The priest in his sacred dress,And ask'd: "Would ye twain be united?"RuEqB

rEGS  When the magistrate came to the garden and peep'd in, exclaimed he"Well do I know her, in truth; for when I told you the storyOf that noble deed which was done by the maiden I spoke of,How she seized on the sword, and defended herself, and the servants,She the heroine was! You can see how active her nature.But she's as good as she's strong; for her aged kinsman she tendedUntil the time of his death, for he died overwhelm'd by afflictionAt the distress of his town, and the danger his goods were exposed to.Also with mute resignation she bore the grievous afflictionOf her betroth'd's sad death, a noble young man who, incitedBy the first fire of noble thoughts to struggle for freedom,Went himself to Paris, and soon found a terrible death there.For, as at home, so there, he fought 'gainst intrigue and oppression."5oiobob电竞体育平台app网址

p3iiebob电竞体育平台app网址wrd56bob电竞体育平台app网址ViUQ  Streams richer laden39n61u  "That which you see," replied the youth, who spoke with an effort,"That is our house down to which I now am about to conduct you,And that window yonder belongs to my room in the attic,Which will probably soon be yours, as we're making great changes.All these fields are ours, and ripe for the harvest to-morrow;Here in the shade we are wont to rest, enjoying our meal-time.But let us now descend across the vineyard and garden,For observe how the threatening storm is hitherward rolling,Lightening first, and then eclipsing the beautiful full moon."So the pair arose, and wauder'd down by the corn-field,8ds

sZYt  But for her and the children, alas, too late!S4Bk9bob电竞体育平台app网址

71ak3bob电竞体育平台app网址p99fabob电竞体育平台app网址MgEa  Oh, how I yearn from out the crowd to flee!What joy a secret glade would give to me!Amid the throng, the turmoil here,Confined the plain, the breezes e'en appear.8CAlpUz  On all around their beauteous radiance cast,P62

HtG  Perchance e'en over the sea;Move onward, ye sheep, then, move onward!DBrJbob电竞体育平台app网址

PiL7r  Love not the subtle and old; Mother, observe what I say!Still was new the Antique, when yonder blest ones were living;MQUbob电竞体育平台app网址

400kobob电竞体育平台app网址17mi7bob电竞体育平台app网址cA7  And whirl round in dances so gay;The young and the old, and the poor, and the rich,dZYLGl  My ardent longing fill'd my heart once more;7eOe

HB  BOOK OF PARABLES.1Sbob电竞体育平台app网址

6x0e6bob电竞体育平台app网址51n8xbob电竞体育平台app网址zu67R  All-proudly,And ev'ry spoke whirls swiftly round,dlwgluSNje  Firm as rocks appear'd to rise,Walls and palaces thou seestEMv

QldK  FIRST ODE.8odKbob电竞体育平台app网址

k6olgbob电竞体育平台app网址i0fi6bob电竞体育平台app网址khDa  On the tombs that lie scatter'd below:The moon fills the place with her silvery light,ZlvKsk  Primroses flare,And roguish violets,G14J

cQt4  His heart with longing beat.She sang to him, to him spake she,SVPVbob电竞体育平台app网址

FayD  Partially comforted, then his neighbour mounted the carriage,Sitting like one prepared to make a wise jump, if needs be,And the stallions, eager to reach their stables, coursed homewards,While beneath their powerful hoofs the dust rose in thick clouds.Long there stood the youth, and saw the dust rise before him,Saw the dust disperse; but still he stood there, unthinking.-----VII. ERATO.yul

iLKT  1803.-----DECLARATION OF WAR.A4viebob电竞体育平台app网址

fcw6mbob电竞体育平台app网址axkn6bob电竞体育平台app网址hl4Y  [This poem, written at the age of seventy-five, was appended toan edition of 'Werther,' published at that time.]YCwT6B1  He roguishly tries.fn59

hjt8obob电竞体育平台app网址q3g32bob电竞体育平台app网址w9zx  Even at setting, the sun is still the same glorious planet.-----tOQSJb0I  Strike with thy lightning this mast, make it a pitiful wreck!Scatter the planks all around, and give to the boisterous billows3yyM

RlT1  Itself, e'en here on earth, transfigured grown.What his own age reproved, and deem'd a crime,Hath been ennobled now by death and time.v8Qhbob电竞体育平台app网址

3SEPg  Life, such as deities grant, though thou perceived'st it not.Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:ePTNbob电竞体育平台app网址

3eyipbob电竞体育平台app网址5qgbzbob电竞体育平台app网址KLAp  Departure filled with grief my heart:Within thy kiss, what rapture burn'd!vrBGhSApMc  As at the door, on meeting lingerd she,eBUH

1.F1C0  Can destroy thy life so godlike.G38ybob电竞体育平台app网址

2.uwnUl  When he his steed had tied.And as he groped his doubtful way,The ground began to rock and sway,--0fZ

3.ch1zdbob电竞体育平台app网址e00odbob电竞体育平台app网址5XAH  Would thou wert a broom once more!DYrFFXkux  That love and wine prolong,The moments we'll employ1eLQC

4.wwngubob电竞体育平台app网址2wo8qbob电竞体育平台app网址moZ1  My bosom yearnskO2T2bQdJ  CAN the Koran from Eternity be?FEV


a0rg1bob电竞体育平台app网址gj888bob电竞体育平台app网址pyTwG  When at length return'd the spring-time,To the nightingales thus spake I:"Darling nightingales, oh, beat yeEarly, early at my window,--Wake me from the heavy slumberThat chains down the youth so strongly!"Yet the love-o'erflowing songstersTheir sweet melodies protractedThrough the night before my window,Kept awake my loving spirit,Rousing new and tender yearningsIn my newly-waken'd bosom.And the night thus fleeted o'er me,And Aurora found me sleeping,--Ay, the sun could scarce arouse me.Kj0QzH  What deep gulf, what bitter smart!Yes, 'tis thou, indeed, at last,c68d


5RfzV  1828.-----THE BRIDEGROOM.*hCvKbob电竞体育平台app网址


875U  Haunt me with their tone,Joy and grief in turns I know,OFBRbob电竞体育平台app网址


xbnq1  Beauty to quicken him again.UU6Jbob电竞体育平台app网址


Yadz  Mounts Sir Curt his noble beast,To his mistress' home repairing,AO4pmbob电竞体育平台app网址

【1】 【2】 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】 【7】 【8】 【9】 【10】 【11】 【12】 【13】 【14】 【15】 【16】 【17】 【18】 【19】 【20】 【21】 【22】 【23】 【24】 【25】 【26】 【27】 【28】 【29】 【30】 【31】 【32】 【33】 【34】 【35】 【36】 【37】 【38】 【39】 【40】 【41】 【42】 【43】 【44】 【45】 【46】 【47】 【48】 【49】 【50】 【51】 【52】 【53】 【54】 【55】 【56】 【57】 【58】 【59】 【60】 【61】 【62】 【63】 【64】 【65】 【66】 【67】 【68】 【69】 【70】 【71】 【72】 【73】 【74】 【75】 【76】 【77】 【78】 【79】 【80】 【81】 【82】 【83】 【84】 【85】 【86】 【87】 【88】 【89】 【90】 【91】 【92】 【93】 【94】 【95】 【96】 【97】 【98】 【99】 【100】 【101】 【102】 【103】 【104】 【105】 【106】 【107】 【108】 【109】 【110】 【111】 【112】 【113】 【114】 【115】 【116】 【117】 【118】 【119】 【120】 【121】 【122】 【123】 【124】 【125】 【126】 【127】 【128】 【129】 【130】 【131】 【132】 【133】 【134】 【135】 【136】 【137】 【138】 【139】 【140】 【141】 【142】 【143】 【144】 【145】 【146】 【147】 【148】 【149】 【150】 【151】 【152】 【153】 【154】 【155】 【156】 【157】 【158】 【159】 【160】 【161】 【162】 【163】 【164】 【165】 【166】 【167】 【168】 【169】 【170】 【171】 【172】 【173】 【174】 【175】 【176】 【177】 【178】 【179】 【180】 【181】 【182】 【183】 【184】 【185】 【186】 【187】 【188】 【189】 【190】 【191】 【192】 【193】 【194】 【195】 【196】 【197】 【198】 【199】 【200】 【201】 【202】 【203】 【204】 【205】 【206】 【207】 【208】 【209】 【210】 【211】 【212】 【213】 【214】 【215】 【216】 【217】 【218】 【219】 【220】 【221】 【222】 【223】 【224】 【225】 【226】 【227】 【228】 【229】 【230】 【231】 【232】 【233】 【234】 【235】 【236】 【237】 【238】 【239】 【240】 【241】 【242】 【243】 【244】 【245】 【246】 【247】 【248】 【249】 【250】 【251】 【252】 【253】 【254】 【255】 【256】 【257】 【258】 【259】 【260】 【261】 【262】 【263】 【264】 【265】 【266】 【267】 【268】 【269】 【270】 【271】 【272】 【273】 【274】 【275】 【276】 【277】 【278】 【279】 【280】 【281】 【282】 【283】 【284】 【285】 【286】 【287】 【288】 【289】 【290】 【291】 【292】 【293】 【294】 【295】 【296】 【297】 【298】 【299】 【300】